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Why encapsulate your Placenta? 

Following the birth of my second child I decided to encapsulate my Placenta. The difference in my postnatal recovery was remarkable. I felt energised, happy and my skin and hair looked amazing - so much so that everybody kept commenting! My post birth bleeding also stopped within the first week which for me was the biggest benefit and made it worthwhile! I could only put this down to the fact that I had encapsulated my Placenta - second time round you'd expect to feel tired, down and depleted, but I had none of this, in fact I would almost say I was energetic! It was amazing! I desperately want other women to experience it, which is why I now offer it as a service.


  • Your Placenta will be processed by a Registered Nurse with vast experience in Infection Control, which is greatly important for keeping you and your Placenta safe. I am the only Registered Medical Professional in Norfolk to be offering this service.

  • All Placentas are processed singularly and in a dedicated space, which means no cross contamination can take place. 

  • We hold full certification and are trained with IPEN, as well as having membership of the Placenta Remedies Network. We are insured with BGI. See my certificates below.

  • We also hold up to date certificates in HACCP, Food Safety and additional Infection Control.

  • Most importantly, we are registered and have been fully inspected by Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Environmental Health

Safety First


There are a number of different remedies available which you can see below. We can also combine packages to suit you.

Steamed Dehydrated Capsules - £200

The Placenta is steamed with chilli, lemon and ginger prior to being dehydrated and encapsulated. 

Simple Dried Capsules - £200

The Placenta is dehydrated from it's raw state, but still ensuring that it reaches high enough temperatures to ensure that it is safe to consume.


50/50 (Steamed and Simple Method) - £235

A mixture of the two dehydration processes, presented to you in separate jars. 


Placenta Tincture - £75

A  strong long term remedy to enhance the length you can use your Placenta. A small piece of Placenta will be steeped in alcohol for 6 weeks before being strained and presented to you. Taken by adding drops to water up to three times per day. Tincture can also be made from capsules retrospectively. 


Placenta Essence - £55

Similar to a Rescue Remedy, a small part of your placenta is steeped in distilled water for 4 hours before being combined with alcohol.

Placenta Oil - £50

Your Dehydrated Placenta is infused in organic Apricot Kernel Oil ready for use.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake - £20

A cord keepsake presented in an organza bag.


Presented Umbilical Cord Keepsake -£40

A beautifully presented cord keepsake in a box frame. 

Placenta Print - £20

Capture your unique Placenta with a beautiful print, framed for presentation. 


We now use biodegradable pouches to package your pills as we are cutting down on single use plastics

Our Goodness Packages

Package One 



       Steamed or Simple Capsules

           Framed Cord Keepsake 

                       Placenta Oil

Package Two


Steamed or Simple Capsules

Framed Cord Keepsake 

Placenta Print

Placenta Oil

Placenta Tincture OR Essence

Package Three



Steamed or Simple Capsules

Framed Cord Keepsake 

Placenta Print

Placenta Oil

Placenta Tincture  

Placenta Essence





(36/37 WEEKS)









The Happy Mother Company is now in collaboration with My Expert Midwife. Not only does this mean we have testers for you to look at in your classes (only if you want to and ask of course!) But we also have samples for your Goody bags and an exclusive discount for you to use if you wish, once you have booked a service.

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"I have loved using my Placenta Remedies. The tablets make me feel more energised than following my first birth, my bleeding stopped within a week and I felt amazing! I will use my tincture for long term benefit and through the menopause."