Just you, your birth partner and I working together to get you the best birth experience possible! Do you want a class that is tailored entirely to you; to help you release your anxiety, remain calm and trust your instincts? Then this course is perfect for you!
In the current circumstances, the course is delivered directly to you via video link, from my living room to yours. My name is Amy, I am an Experienced and Registered Nurse, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Clinical Hypnotherapist! I would truly love to work with you! Just to make it clear, we will interact in the exact same way as we would in an Antenatal Class, there are no pre records meaning that you will get SO much out of the course!


What is Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is an amazing tool for your birth box. There's not an expectant parent around who wouldn't benefit from knowing more about how the body works in labour and during birth, their birth options and preferences, what happens when things don't go quite to plan, techniques to use during labour, and generally how to navigate their experience so that they can be calm, in control, confident and empowered the whole way through - no matter what happens!


How will Hypnobirthing make a difference to your birth experience?

  • Research shows that Hypnobirthing has a positive effect on Mum, Baby and the Birth Partner.

  • You will feel more in control.

  • Hypnobirthing techniques will help you to feel calm, and will reduce any anxiety and fear you may have.

  • You will know your options.

  • ​You will learn techniques (such as breathing and relaxations) to help you throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth.

  • The Audios you will listen to throughout pregnancy and labour will help you with self relaxation, which you can then apply during labour.

  • The Birth Partner will take a more active role.

  • You will gain a comprehensive Antenatal Education (like attending antenatal classes).

  • You will be prepared to enjoy your birth experience whatever happens – you will learn about natural and induced labour as well as possible medical interventions.

  • You will learn about the mind, the body, the hormones and all the science behind labour.

What does the course include?​

  • One to one sessions for you and your birthing partners

  • Private tuition in the comfort of your own home

  • The KG Hypnobirthing Book

  • The complete set of Antenatal Hypnobirthing Audios

  • A Parent’s Manual

  • The Happy Mother Company Luxury Printed Birth Affirmations

  • A Luxury Goody Bag with hand picked samples

  • Any additional handouts

  • Any personal support you need throughout the process


Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing

The  Course that we teach is Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing. I have held my diploma now for a number of years and I am proud to say that the course is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. If you want a positive, affirming birth then you are definitely in the right hands with this course. Regardless of what type of birth you may have, you will be fully prepared, in control and set to make the most of the experience, and this is the most important thing to every parent. I am also a registered experienced Nurse, and a qualified Antenatal Teacher, so you can be assured of quality and expertise if you are looking for a Hypnobirthing Courses in Norfolk, surrounding areas or online. Did you also know that KG Hypnobirthing Courses are also the choice of many celebrities such as Giovanna Fletcher, Deliciously Ella and Paula Lane. The Duchess of Cambridge has also confirmed recently that she used Hypnobirthing for her births! 

A few of our Testimonials:

"It's been great. I've gotten so much more from the course by doing it one to one than I have from all the books I've read and videos I've watched! Thank you"

"Hypnobirthing is  more practical than I realised which I found very helpful. As a partner I'd recommend that others get on board as it makes you feel well placed to support your partner throughout."

"Hypnobirthing has made me feel less anxious about giving birth. No one else makes you aware of all the finer details - the information surrounding birth and labour. It was more in depth than I thought it would be."

I was recently asked by The Parent and Baby Show to record a short video about 'The Essentials of Hypnobirthing' - Here it is - I hope you enjoy!

Why choose a Face to Face, One to One Course?

Well the answer is simple! These courses are tailored to you, not to the masses. To be able to make the most of your Hypnobirthing experience you need to have all YOUR questions and fears answered and discussed! Everybody has different experiences that alter their beliefs and thoughts, so by having a teacher close by on hand you can ensure you receive all the support you need. Your teacher will be Amy, who is a Registered and experienced Nurse, Antenatal Practitioner and Experienced Hypnobirthing teacher. The courses are offered either in a private, serene therapy room, or you can also opt to do them online in the comfort of your own home.

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The Happy Mother Company is now in collaboration with My Expert Midwife. Not only does this mean we have testers for you to look at in your classes (only if you want to and ask of course!) But we also have samples for your Goody bags and an exclusive discount for you to use if you wish, once you have booked a service.

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"We have just finished our Hypnobirthing course with the amazing Amy and loved it!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try Hypnobirthing but wasn't sure how to go about it! I was recommended Amy by a friend and found her instantly friendly and open and I soon booked a course! I am so glad I did!

The course has helped both me and my husband feel more relaxed and prepared for the arrival of our little girl! It's certainly right what they say knowledge is power... Our little one is due in October so we will continue to practise and talk about what we want from our birth, knowing Amy is just the other end of the phone if we have any questions!

I would highly recommend Amy and Hypnobirthing to anyone pregnant! And we are now very excited for the birth 

Thank you Amy xx"