"Myself and my son enjoyed a 1:1 baby massage and reflexology session with Amy yesterday afternoon. So bespoke, relaxing and personal it was highly informative yet enjoyable too. Highly recommended!"


The wonderful feedback that we receive

"Absolutely loved my session today and completely worked around me and my baby’s mood. Thank you!"

"This is a great course and a lovely teacher!! I was so excited to do this with my baby and it met my expectations and more!!"

"A very relaxing atmosphere and Amy is such a natural teacher and makes everything seem easy! My little boy isn’t one for lying still so I did find I had to often pick him up during the sessions but this wasn’t an issue at all and I could mostly carry on learning and following directions whilst having him on my lap instead!"

"Initially we came because it was recommended for constipation (which has really helped) but we also learned how to soothe teething problems which struck halfway through the course! However, the reflexology aspect really helped with that too! We thoroughly recommend baby massage to all parents and babies"