The wonderful feedback that we receive

"We have just finished our Hypnobirthing course with the amazing Amy and loved it!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try Hypnobirthing but wasn't sure how to go about it! I was recommended Amy by a friend and found her instantly friendly and open and I soon booked a course! I am so glad I did!

The course has helped both me and my husband feel more relaxed and prepared for the arrival of our little girl! It's certainly right what they say knowledge is power... Our little one is due in October so we will continue to practise and talk about what we want from our birth, knowing Amy is just the other end of the phone if we have any questions!

I would highly recommend Amy and Hypnobirthing to anyone pregnant! And we are now very excited for the birth 

Thank you Amy xx"

"When we first met Amy at a Mothercare expectant parent event, we had never heard of Hypnobirthing and I wasn't even sure what questions to ask! But Amy was very engaging and not at all pushy but keen to tell us how exciting the whole experience could be...and we were intrigued! We soon arranged to take on the short course, and what an absolute joy it has been.

Me, my partner and my mum- who is also a birthing partner, really enjoyed our time with Amy, soaking up invaluable information about my pregnancy, the body, our growing baby and the birth. The course itself is what I guess is best described as... all the things you expect your midwife to tell you, but of course they don't! For example, last week we attended our first Ante Natal physio class, as first time parents we are keen to soak up every inch of info going! And they spent 40 mins skimming over things like... don't lay on your back in labour, we don't have time to explain why, but you'll find out! Whilst this is helpful it's also petrifying to someone who doesn't know what that means!! Luckily we know in detail what it means, and instead of feeling scared or anxious about the looming birth, we feel prepared, excited and confident that we will be in control of our labour experience!

When you think hypno, you naturally think sceptically! But I think really it should be called brain training! It definitely requires a trainer who is open, honest, engaging, understanding, non judgemental, a good listener, and someone you can easily welcome into your home, and Amy is just that!"

"Hypnobirthing has been one of the best investments I have ever made, my whole outlook on pregnancy, labour & birth has changed.

This course is educational and extremely empowering; labour can be daunting for any woman but hypnobirthing taught me something very logical; a woman must remain calm, confident & happy during labour to enable production of Oxytocin (the happy hormone) which ultimately makes labour more efficient. Alongside some simple home based exercises and a positive attitude hypnobirthing really is that straight forward.

Amy is extremely passionate about the content and information she delivers to her expectant parents. She is friendly, knowledgable and her support doesn’t stop at the end the course she continued to help me when I had questions throughout my pregnancy. I played the audios every night before I went to sleep and my husband & I practiced the scripts and visualisations every spare moment we had - it was great to do as a couple, something we both enjoyed.

This is my second pregnancy and my midwife, friends & family have commented on how calm I seem; I have Amy & hypnobirthing to thank for that. I’m looking forward to the birth of our baby and I feel my positivity and calmness will shine through and give us the birth that every woman deserves to have!"

"We have just finished our hypnobirthing course with Amy & could not recommend it more. She is knowledgable & professional & myself & my husband have learnt so much. I now feel confident that I will have the knowledge to allow me to make the choices I want during birth & I’m excited about it too!"