The wonderful feedback that we receive (you can find loads more on our social media!)

"My tablets ran out last week. I felt sad taking the last one! I genuinely think it helped with my energy levels. Speaking to the girls from my NCT group, they were all struggling with tiredness, and I just wasn’t."                                                                                               

"Had the absolute pleasure to meet the lovely Amy today as she delivered an amazing first aid day for my friends and I. Amy was so lovely, kind, friendly and extremely professional.  Her knowledge and experience shines through and I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I was able to ask any questions about anything I was unsure of, the course refreshed my knowledge but I also learnt a lot of new things too. I would highly recommend Amy to my friends, especially new parents who are unsure of what to do in a medical situation with babies/children. Thank you again Amy"

"A very relaxing atmosphere and Amy is such a natural teacher and makes everything seem easy! My little boy isn’t one for lying still so I did find I had to often pick him up during the sessions but this wasn’t an issue at all and I could mostly carry on learning and following directions whilst having him on my lap instead!"

"Hypnobirthing has been one of the best investments I have ever made, my whole outlook on pregnancy, labour & birth has changed.

This course is educational and extremely empowering; labour can be daunting for any woman but hypnobirthing taught me something very logical; a woman must remain calm, confident & happy during labour to enable production of Oxytocin (the happy hormone) which ultimately makes labour more efficient. Alongside some simple home based exercises and a positive attitude hypnobirthing really is that straight forward.

Amy is extremely passionate about the content and information she delivers to her expectant parents. She is friendly, knowledgable and her support doesn’t stop at the end the course she continued to help me when I had questions throughout my pregnancy. I played the audios every night before I went to sleep and my husband & I practiced the scripts and visualisations every spare moment we had - it was great to do as a couple, something we both enjoyed.

This is my second pregnancy and my midwife, friends & family have commented on how calm I seem; I have Amy & hypnobirthing to thank for that. I’m looking forward to the birth of our baby and I feel my positivity and calmness will shine through and give us the birth that every woman deserves to have!"