Bond and Relax


Baby Massage with Reflexology provides a lovely way for you to enhance communication with your new addition whilst also bonding in a calming and soothing environment. As touch is in many ways one of your baby's first language skills, massage and reflexology can help to nurture them both physically and emotionally. They can also help with aiding in the relief of many common childhood ailments such as constipation, colic and teething pain. 


We recognise that not everybody wants to commit to a 5 week course and may prefer one - to - one learning surrounded by their own comforts. For this reason we also offer one-to-one Baby Massage Support sessions to teach you all the basics in the comfort of your own home. Have a friend with a baby also? Why not do it together and start using your techniques straight away?

The price of one to one Baby Massage with Reflexology is £45. The session lasts 2 hours and takes place in your own home, to allow flexibility around your baby's routine.


"Myself and my son enjoyed a 1:1 baby massage and reflexology session with Amy yesterday afternoon. So bespoke, relaxing and personal it was highly informative yet enjoyable too. Highly recommended!"