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Self-Caring for your Mental Health 

by Amy Odd at The Happy Mother Company

Self-care isn’t always just about candlelit baths twinned with five minutes peace from your busy Mum life. 

What if I was to say the key to true self-care was also to find and make your own inner peace and happiness? Would you believe me, or does it sound too cliché? As a busy Mum of 2, an Antenatal Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, I know that the importance of Mental Health is often overlooked. The act of self-care can start within and have a positive effect on our Mental Health. 


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Mental wellbeing is often enough encompassed by a number of factors; how we feel, our current circumstances, what’s going on around us, and the choices that we make. Have you ever felt so much pressure about making a decision that it’s been detrimental to how you feel? We have all been there, regardless of the situation. If we are feeling internally stressed, low or pressured, no amount of bubble baths will fix this - the key is to alleviate the route of the problem and empty our mind’s “stress bucket.” Although this may sound hard or feel scarier to achieve, it is important for our mental health to thrive, rather than drag us down. So, how can we do this? Remember - simple changes for big solutions. 

One thing we can do is to own our minds. When we make decisions, whether this be antenatal, parenting or anything else, empower yourself with the knowledge around whatever you want to achieve. Follow your own mind and listen to your body rather than basing decisions on other’s opinions and you’ll find that you will feel more at ease, as you won’t be questioning yourself, simply because you have used the act of self-care to protect your mental health in the first instance. 

Secondly, remember it is OK to take time for yourself. We all know that during pregnancy or motherhood we have a million and one things to do. But how hard is it to clear your mind (and that metaphorical “stress bucket”) if you don’t just stop. This may be where your bubble bath comes in, but actually an important part of this is sleep. Sleep, or lack of, can have a massively detrimental effect on our mental health and also on our body, so try and ensure you are sleeping when you can.


We all know how much better we feel and how much clearer our minds feel once we have a good night’s sleep. Self – Caring for your mental health is just as important as self-caring for your body. Your mind has a massive impact on your general health so make sure you look after it!

The Parent and Baby Show Magazine

Summer Edition 2020


How to Remain Positive during Pregnancy

by Amy Odd at The Happy Mother Company

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You dream about a straight forward pregnancy and the most perfect birth of your little one. But then something comes along and throws a spanner in the works and you’re left feeling worried, flummoxed and wondering what to do next! 


Any negative feelings and anxiety you have stem from your mindset. Putting it basically, when you have a negative experience, one that causes a lot of worry, you start to operate from your primitive mind, which causes you to feel anxious, low and even depressed. This is completely normal, natural and okay, but if you continue to operate from this area of the brain then those feelings will continue and often you’ll be stuck in an undesirable pattern. So, how do you remain positive?


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As cliché as it may sound, retraining yourself to focus on the more positive aspects of the situation is always a good start. For example, let’s discuss having to self-isolate during the COVID – 19 outbreak – it’s been completely unexpected and life changing, but there are good points; Many people are finding more time to look after themselves, reflect on life and make important decisions. How nice is it when you experience those ‘happy ahh’ moments, and you feel boosted? That is because when we have a positive thought, interaction, or experience we release a hormone called serotonin, which allows us to feel happier and content! So, if we repeat this activity, we can boost our positivity! I want you to remember the “three P’s” – Positive Thoughts, Positive Interaction and Positive Action – all of these are designed to help the brain (positive activity), and video call your nearest and dearest (positive interaction). You'll be feeling more focus on the good things and increase serotonin. Examples of things you could do during pregnancy to help this release are; Write some Birth Affirmations (positive thoughts), do some pregnancy relaxation content in no time!

Of course, there are other things you can do to try and remain calm, including Antenatal Courses such as Hypnobirthing (which I am an advocate of, having used it twice myself). It gives you a full antenatal knowledge enabling you to trust in your decisions, as well as brilliant techniques for staying calm in changing circumstances, and ideas on how to make your birth a positive experience whatever the situation! Lastly, Support is a big factor and again takes an important part in your mindset, whether this be from your partner, family, or friends, know that there is always someone you can reach out to (I am also always here to help!) 

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