Get to Know Me a Little Better

Hi, I'm Amy. Mother of two, wife to one lucky husband! I am the founder of The Happy Mother Company and a registered Nurse with a passion for helping others throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. For a number of years, I have had a keen interest in most things pregnancy and baby related. As a registered Nurse, I guess you could say I was always curious about the way the human body and mind interlinks, but it wasn’t until my first pregnancy with my daughter that I realised just how much the two can work together to create harmony, especially in pregnancy and childbirth.

It’s all about choices. We make menial decisions every day; What are we going to have for tea? How are we going to serve it? We know our options, and we choose the journey we are going to take to get there. However, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, do we have the knowledge to be able to do this? More often than not, we don’t.

During my pregnancy with Ivy, I found the journey to be quite challenging, with much medical intervention, and I didn’t really know my options at the time. That's not to say that anything was done incorrectly, but had I of known more about what was happening, I would have been less anxious. It wasn’t until the end of my pregnancy that I decided to take my education surrounding birth into my own hands; I didn’t want that labour scene that everybody fears. Thankfully for me, it paid off and I had the best birth I ever imagined possible!



Putting together everything that I had learnt, along with formal education training, The Happy Mother Company was born! My vision is now to help other parents become empowered with knowledge so they too can have the best experience possible for them, during their transition into parenthood.


BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing 

Nurse Mentor

Qualified Antenatal Practitioner (The Village Midwives)

Diploma in Hypnobirthing (KGH)

Paediatric First Aid Instructor

Placenta Remedies Specialist

Baby Massage Diploma

Baby and Infant Reflexology Diploma

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Fully qualified, insured and CRB checked